Web Consulting & Strategic Development

Global Net Strategies brings a wealth of industry knowledge & information to provide our partners with the right e-commerce strategy that will make their online business successful. We bring years of experience in e-marketing, e-commerce, web architecture and up-to-date information on existing technologies.

Web Site Design & Development

In order to design a successful online business a company must look well beyond a simple graphical solution. Today web initiatives must consider the gamut of technologies in order to be successful in an online venture. We help develop plans that embrace the entire scope of the digital and social media revolution.

E-commerce Consulting

We will introduce existing software and strategies that will not only improve conversion rates, but has the strong potential to increase traffic flows and revenue streams, while at the same time improving customer satisfaction.

Website Assessment

We constantly asses the online business in an effort to increase traffic and revenue streams. We will build qualitative and quantitative data in order to develop a list of actionable recommendations that can improve the web site’s effectiveness.

Search engine optimization & marketing

We utilize a strategic plan that increases search engine ranking organically (without paying) while at the same time considering several search engine advertising solutions to maximize web potential.

E-mail marketing

An effective e-mail marketing campaign can generate sales and create a personal connection with your customers. We design, test, and implement e-mail campaigns to increase the profitability of the e-commerce website. 

Business blog

We utilize the company blog to generate e-commerce business and increase the company’s web presence. One example might be to contract written articles and have them posted daily to create valuable content or enhance a marketing initiative.