About our Company

Who We Are

Global Net Strategies is an E-commerce Solutions firm “introducing companies to the world.” The firm specializes in E-Commerce applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Intelligence Design. Global Net Strategies employs the most advanced web technologies to develop successful e-businesses. We make all the initial investments of time and money to launch the e-commerce website in order to establish partnerships with existing brick-and-mortar operations. Our main focus is to create new revenue and profit streams for our partners.

Why Global Net Strategies is Right for You

Global Net Strategies manages all of our partners’ web operations from the very beginning. When a company becomes a Global Net Strategies’ partner they can simply sit back and watch their e-business grow exponentially. We understand that our partners join our group to see their e-commerce websites become an internet success and their contribution is to run their business as they normally would and simply distribute to the new customers. We manage all of the web operations and do what we do best; make websites successful.

Working with us alleviates all of the difficult work that comes with developing successful e-commerce websites. We monitor hit rates, conversion rates, up-to-date key words, competition reports and many other techniques that can be the difference between a thousand hits or no hits at all. On top of SEO strategies we utilize SMO applications like Facebook and Twitter, and any other up-to-the-minute technology to maximize our e-commerce initiatives. At Global Net Strategies we understand web technologies and web audiences. By working with us you can be sure that the full force of the Internet is behind the project.

At Global Net Strategies we focus on maximizing website potential because we have a vested interest in our partners’ success. The firm understands that to be successful on the web you must have a hold on rapidly changing technologies. Through this endeavor we are able to attract visitors and increase revenue streams. Our partners can take comfort in the fact that their e-commerce businesses are operating at full throttle every minute of every day.

Enhancing Your Existing Business

Our company understands that often companies already have an existing web presence. In this case we can not only improve your operation structurally, but our team can implement strategies that take an unnoticed site and make it a household name. Whether you have an existing operation that you are looking to improve or you are attempting to develop an e-commerce site from the very beginning Global Net Strategies is the right partner for you. Global Net Strategies is tirelessly working to ensure internet success for our partners by strictly focusing on one thing; building successful e-commerce websites.